Borusan Group

The core strategy of the Borusan Group is based on a vision focused on developing innovative products and services while continuing to create added value for the national economy.

Celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2014, Borusan Group, the world's first steel in different markets including Turkey, distributorship, logistics and energy sector continues its steady growth.

The success of the Borusan Group lies behind a strong corporate business culture. Borusan is passionate about understanding the needs of its customers and the market and developing creative, diverse and economic solutions for it. It offers innovative products, services and business models that will shape the markets in which it operates with its ability to develop fast and flexible action without hesitation.

In this context, Borusan carries out its activities that make a difference with its in-house entrepreneurship, innovation, active competitive strategy in international markets and the mission of providing maximum benefit to society, economy and environment.