1 - Cat®DAILY Subscription:

You can access the information that machines send once a day via the my.cat.com portal instead of the VisionLink platform.


This subscription type will include basic information such as machine operating hours, location, and fault notifications. Detailed information such as machine-based idle time or fuel consumption is not available.


It will be FREE for 7 years from the date of sale for products under 20 tons, and for 12 years from the date of sale for products over 20 tons.

You can find detailed information on how to register and use this system from the links below.

2- VL UNIFIED SUITE Subscription:

VL Unified Suite is the new platform for existing VisionLink displays. It is designed for faster and lean use of the system. Instead of the VisionLink screenshot, which contains every single information, it is designed as 4 different screens, where you can view them all at once or only the data that is currently useful to you. These are;

  • Unified Fleet: Fleet Summary and Usage Details (Idle time, fuel consumption, etc.)
  • Unified Service: Fault Codes and S.O.S Oil Analysis Details
  • Unified Productivity: Load and Cycle Time Monitoring
  • Administrator: Administration, Alerts, Site Limit & Groups


In this subscription type, access to many information such as machine operating hours, location, fault notifications, SOS Oil Analysis and Inspection data, idle / work hours and fuel consumption data, maintenance, breakdown, job site limit, ability to set up e-mail alert, load according to machine specification and display the number of cycles and report all this data in tables or graphs.

For machines with engine computers, 30 Euro per machine is excluded, and for machines without engine brain, it is 15 Euro per machine, excluding VAT.

  • With your existing VisionLink user accounts and passwords, you can continue to use these new screens. For information on how to use the system please click here

Important Notes:

  • All machines that you own and which you can currently view on VisionLink screens will be transferred to the my.cat.com portal mentioned in article 1 in December.
  • The older version of VisionLink will be closed as of November 14th and will be replaced by the “VL Unified Suite” screens mentioned in point 2.
  • If you continue to subscribe to a paid VL Unified Suite, all warnings you have installed (maintenance, fault code, site limit, etc.) will be automatically transferred to the new system.
  • For any technical questions and subscription information, please contact us at our call center at 994 12 565 26 38.