Hydraulic systems play a key role in the efficient operation of your machine. How much work is done and the cost will vary greatly depending on the condition of your machine's hydraulic systems. BorusanCAT assists you with unique skills and equipment to make the most of your machine's hydraulic systems at the lowest possible cost. High-quality components, expert in pollution control and safe repair, overhaul and disposal capability guide more machine owners every day to Borusancat's hydraulic advice and service.


Pumps and Motors

Caterpillar designs and manufactures most of the pumps and motors used in its equipment, but also makes joint improvements with many pump and motor suppliers. In this way, Borusan Makina has the expertise to service many pump and motor brands.


Advanced electronic controls allow instant switching between three different control modes: load sensitivity, pressure control, displacement and flow control. These controls govern the low speed of the hydraulic motor.

  • Up to 25% faster response than hydromechanical units.
  • Robust design for exceptional performance and extra long lifetime in mobile construction applications
  • Proven results on a variety of machines including hydraulic excavators, mobile hydraulic power units, wheel loaders, cranes and more.

There are 3 types of pump types.

  • Gear Type - Resistant up to 500 psi.
  • Vane Type - 1000-3000 pressure pump type.
  • Piston Type - Used at 4500 psi pressures.


Borusan Cat ; Accurate honing, proper disassembly and reassembly, Cat seals and seal kits, pollution control and pressure testing with quality difference in services. Even parts as small as hydraulic cylinder seals have a major impact on machine performance, contamination control and operating costs. That's why Caterpillar aims to design the best seals on the market.

Our services in hydraulic cylinder revisions:

  • Proper disassembly and assembly: Without proper tools, the repair may take a long time to complete. At the same time, reusable parts or cylinder assemblies can be damaged. We use tools designed to quickly remove and install cylinders without damaging components.
  • Honing: Light honing to eliminate cylinder scratches, newly installed piston seals and small scratches and other hard-to-see defects that quickly damage piston wear belts. In connection with appropriate pollution control applications, this procedure significantly prolongs the life of new hydraulic cylinder seals.
  • Contamination check: Worn gaskets cause foreign material to enter the hydraulic cylinder. These contaminants can damage the newly installed seals or, worse, damage other system components such as pumps or valves. We clean the cylinder components and check the contamination before reassembling the assembly.
  • Cat® seals and seal kits: Caterpillar aims to design the best seals on the market. That's why we re-seal the hydraulic cylinders with real Cat seals and cost-effective seal kits. Cat seals are specially designed to handle rising pressures and the temperatures of today's hydraulic cylinders. Do not risk poor performance or leakage.
  • Quality assurance: We test each hydraulic cylinder before it is delivered to you and we help you to ensure reliable work performance.


Hose and Heads


It offers three classes of high pressure and temperature hoses identified by the letter XT;


  • Four layers mesh steel support
  • Oil, weather, abrasion and fire resistant GRAY colored rubber shell
  • 500-4,000 psi operation and four times the minimum burst pressure of 10,000-16,000 psi
  • SAE 100R12 meets the industry standard.


  • Six-fold mesh steel support in four larger diameters up to 1 inch
  • RED colored rubber shell resistant to oil, weather, abrasion and fire
  • 000 psi operating and four times 20,000 psi minimum burst pressure
  • SAE 100R13 meets the industry standard.


  • Recognized by the UHP mark.
  • Six-fold braided steel support thicker than used in XT-5 hose
  • Oil, weather, abrasion and fire resistant BLACK colored rubber shell
  • 000 psi operating and four times the minimum burst pressure of 24,000 psi
  • SAE 100R15 meets the industry standard.

Low and Medium Pressure Hoses:

  • 716 Single Wire Mesh - Meets SAE 100R1 standard.
  • 294 Two Wire Mesh - Meets SAE 100R2 standard.
  • 844 Hydraulic Suction - Meets SAE100R4 standard.

Special Application Hoses:

  • 556 Single Wire Mesh Fabric Shell - Meets SAE100R5 standard.
  • 1130 Engine / Havafren - Meets SAEJ1402 standard.
  • 1028 Thermo plastic - Meets SAE 100R7 standard.
  • 1543 Air Conditioner - Meets SAEJ51 standard.


Permanent clamping heads

  • The head is crushed in the press and permanently mounted to the hose.
  • It can be applied with all our hose types except 556 and 1130.
  • It takes 2 minutes to be mounted on the hose in the press.

Reusable headers - SCREW TYPE

  • The hood is mounted and disassembled by turning the hose like a screw.
  • It can be applied with our 556 and 1130 hose types.
  • Headers that are easy to remove and install are produced in various configurations

Reusable headers - BRACELET

  • The cap and hose are fixed by sliding the collar to the press.
  • It is the system where the hose is held most tightly to the nozzle.
  • There is no limit of re-use of the heads that are brought to their first dimensions before reassembly.
  • Although the initial purchase price is 30-40% more expensive than Permanent Headpieces, it is 75-80% cheaper as re-use only changes the hose.
  • There is no limit of re-use of the heads that are brought to their first dimensions before reassembly.